New Emblem? Rough Draft New Emblem? Rough Draft My rough Draft for the new emblem? Hey guys! ummm soo i wrote a post saying how we should all put our ideas together and put in a new emblem. The one right now is fine, but i know that we can do better. So here is the emblem i drew, its not that great but its a rough draft, it is also not complete so thats why i need you guys to help me give ideas on what we should put in it, what we should take out and what colors we should add. but if you guys dont like it we can just keep the one right now :) Please COMMENT! 126825054 Rough Draft emblem taken apart, and redesigning/upgrading. PLEASE COMMENT! IDEAS/SUGGESTOINS/LIKES+DISLIKES. 126920974 Rought Draft Shield and Wings taken apart. 126920975 Rough Draft Sword/ Upgrading. I tried to upgrade it to make it look better but i dont like it. 126920976 Upgraded Shields? Maybe? Choose please! These two or the Regular. I can upgrade into these or upgrade the original. :) 126920977 Upgraded Sword into a Lightsaber I freaking love this deisgn hope you guys like it too! 126920978 129500534 129500535 129500536 129500537 129500538 Final Rough Draft. Suggestions please. I have taken out the aura that the lightsaber shoots out. since it would have been too big. So changed some of the pictures took some pictures and placed them together. This emblem is still not finished. Please tell me what you think. :D 129504723 Final Product its time for revising. I finished our emblem. :D 141508962