ROT Burgers by Dr. Kulak

Chapter 1,

Keepin it Pg 13 and other nasty things. 

Once upon of time ago, on a planet called no intent, their this land layed its
foundations formed by the monarchy known to be called as ROT.
yes rot, the republic of three that is actually a monarchy.

King Zotz and his bee'you'T'full wife, Zaleana the Queen ruled ROT magesticaly
 and happily.

However only like 50 plus people lived on this planet and some were not sure if
they actually lived their or were alive, so King zotz would constanly use
kwak to send messages to all the inhabitants if they were still alive on
the internet even though they did live in the only city on teh planet that was
probably the size of 5 American footbal stadiums.

But the internet made things so much easier then calling people, and king zotz
couldnt aford to pay these bills. Actually he didnt even know what company powered the electricity and he had a shit load of money that was far to valuable to spend with to.

Well anyway our story and life lessons start off in the Royal bed chamber.

Zotz could feel it coming. His hands clutched the bed sheets that lay under his body. A warm breaze of air streamed on his chest as it slowly moved down to his groin.

"Aaaaghhh" zotz exhaled deeply.

He could feel Zaleana's red firm hair brush against his waist as he knew he could no longer take any more.
The demonic power of wich he improsoned all this time tonight... was now unleashed... manhood.

But he remembered Zaleana's bondage fetish and was unable to move his cuffed hands that dangled above his head against the bed as his legs strangled tightly spread apart.
He heard a strange and unfamiliar giggle from his queen.

"You're lucky 'I' gave you this day." Zotz said with a dissapointment.. he hated
bondage days.
He doesnt even know why he replaced tuesday with it... but thats what happens
when you got a queen in charge of you. Yes, the queen and king replaced the regular week/weekend days with new names.

Sunday remains sunday as it is the only day of the week where everyone eats chocolates and any other sugary treat; it is also zotz favorite day too mind you.

But after that sugar rush and the break down it delivers, it only some how seemed right and responsibly and respectfully to make the shity ass next day also known as monday to be called Kulak day. Unfortunatly everyone is in a pissy mood from yesterday's candy melt down as they try to regain strength for Tuesday... now known as Bondage day. Kulak also realy hates his Kulak day.

However strangly this bondage day is, it  empowers the queen's far more then it would seem.
Her fetish desires  are so desired that tuesday had to be replaced with Bondage day. Zotz must have thought it meant Fondage day. His loss.

Wendsday however, is not like the other days. This day was once known as Vahi day. A dark name for an evil man. In the old tounge of the hidden ROT dark magic arts language, it is said that the dark lord Vahi crafted this day. One day to rule them all, one day to find them, one day to bring them all and in troll side of the internet BIND THEM! On the calander Vahi day, where the Trolls lie.

But no one gives a shit about this day anymore and it has been called recruit day.

Thursday is Strakillias day where every one regains their strenght and gives a random and mighty cheer now that the horrible two and a half manish day's are over. People randomly pop in at unexpected times, in unexplored places, during unexplained rhymes. Yes, it was a very gay day in deed.

Thus Zotz saw this was good and replaced the next day, also known as Friday now called ROT day, where we actually celebrate the king and queen and our grand kingdom with expensive fire works and great films on how zotz single handedly lead rot to victory against rivaling sith and mandalorian fan boy guilds with some help from the guild of course but everyone knows the true story.

Actually the true story is strongly tried to be miss remembered as some people jokingly call rot day Forgetthislongasshistoryday.

It is extremely complicated since  ROT day  used to originaly be on differnt days when the guild was runned by the same people but constantly falling apart and resurrecting itself since Kulak day use to be ROT day, then the guild fell apart and was then called rot day again. But then that fell apart and was renamed sith day but that fell apart in 2 days again and finaly the kingdom rebuilt itself after many times over calling its self remaining fighters day, but it fell apart to... oh my gawd... ok here we go finaly after the span of  3 years.... let me catch my breath... ROT is recreated and now put on friday witch was once isle 97 day. What happens in isle 97 stays in isle 97. Im just going to skip how ROT almost fell apart twice as a troll hacked zotz computer.

Now we move on to Saturday now called buff day. Where the kingdom buffs up on xp and other crafting shit.


"Holy shit!" Zotz thought to himself forgeting about his current perdicament.

"I dont rmbr how i got into these bondage straps!"

He opened his eyes to behold a big black long and thick smooth yet tight and
kinda warm bandana rapped over his eyes.

He was now very afraid.

"Zaleana never covers my eyes. She knows how much i fear of putting things on my beautiful face." Zotz thought to himself.

"Zaleana!" He shouted.

"Zaleana take this damn thing off my face!"

He felt her thicker and hairy'er then usual hands take apart the loin cloth.

Everythign was blury, he shook his head again and Angrals appeared ontop of him holding a knife in his hands that oddley looked like Kulak fighting Pantel on it.

"By the great ROT fore fathers! What in taller then normal statures do you think you are doing in my bed chamber?"

Angrals stared at zotz as his eyes turned pink with missing textures on some parts of his face.

"damn bugs" Zotz thought to him self.

 Angrals took the weird ass knife out of his mouth and into his frog shaped hands, he was looking to be ready to stab Zotz.

"I must be dreaming" Zotz said to himself.." I must be dreaming"

Angrals laughed.

"You are probably thinking this is a dream... well it isnt... ha...hahaha. Hhahahahaha, im going to enjoy cleaning you're bed chamber"

Out of know where Sam spears angrals toppling him on the ground as Kulak and Kwak and Strak run in to sustain Angrals.

"NOO, NOOO, THIS IS A DREAM!!! " Angrals shouted out "You idiots, Zotz is dreaming let me go! I swear i didnt attack him, he is dreaming im innocent damnit!!!" Angrals cried out.

Zotz got off the bed and walked towards Angrals.

Everyone turned to Zotz as they vastly grew taller then him.

Sam took a step towards him.

"Please sam, dont do this, it was only a british dollar bill." Zotz said

"It was only a british dollar bill in America!!!!!" Sam yelled as he punched out Zotz.

Zotz spun around in slow motion as he saw Kwak standing in the doorway with Jacuns head on a platter and Zaleana in chains.

"Don't let the birdy make you angry zotz." Jacun's decapitated head said to him.

Zotz looked at jacuns awkardly while falling down as Kulak tripped on his Zaleana's foot laughing and flung over Jacun's head as he crashed down onto Zotz favorite game Assassins Effect Craft. He also noticed kulak with a fake sith tatoo dripping down on his face.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Zotz screamed as he woke up in his bed.

He felt his Zaleana lying next to him with ear plugs on.

He got on the side of his bed resting his head.

"Jeeze that was a weird ass dream... It must have been a sign from the gods! A Vision!... But what does it mean?"

Zotz agreed with himself to fall back to sleep and answer the wise Kyrox on what to do of this. He also was sick of all the crap he ate yesterday, he knew tomorow would cheer his stomach up. After all, it would soon be Kulak day.


Fan fiction(if you want your story posted send your story to Zotz)


               The sacking of Coruscant took a heavy toll on the Republic. Having to sacrifice dozens of worlds to the will of the horrific Sith empire. Even though officially the Republic doesn’t have anything to do with many systems that were once called allies but now are forced to the bidding of the empire, but unofficially many special task groups under joint leaderships of troopers, Jedi, and smugglers  have been dispatched throughout countless systems to aid the local populace. During a reconnaissance and sabotage mission on the planet Kashyyk. Groups of highly qualified republic division are hiding on the planet’s surface and have discovered that the empire has been clearing a site for something major. Their orders are to investigate and if necessary destroy the facility. Unknown to them the empire has sent a dark lord to end the operation and destroy any evidence of what they found.   

            The night had an awkward silence that seemed unnatural for such a planet full of life. As five troopers slowly advanced slowly to the rendezvous coordinates with two more squads. The squad leader raised his hand and all of the troopers took cover as a low vibration went through the planet’s surface. They soon realized the planets kilometer high trees were somehow vibrating. The closer they got to the target the vibrations seemed to get worse. As soon as the troopers made it to their designated rendezvous point they saw that they were the only ones there so far. As a few minutes passed the five troopers became uneasy as the vibrations continued but there still seemed to be an absence of life. A light fog had slowly circulated through the small clearing that the five troopers had taken position to await their reinforcements. As the lead trooper felt the uneasiness he firmly gripped the handle of his rifle.

            All of a sudden a noise other then the vibration startled the troopers and they all pointed there blaster at tree directly behind them as the ruffling continued the four troopers slowly approached while the squad leader covered from behind. As the four troopers arrived right on top of the noise they broke off into two and surrounded the tree. As the leader waited with his rifle ready both teams returned without find any trace of what made them. As soon as they lowered their weapons a five rifles surrounded them with one directly behind the leaders head.                                                                                                                           

         “Getting rusty there Sam” said a voice from behind.

         “Dam you angrals” shouted Sam while holding back the sensation to laugh.

          Soon all the rifles were put away the first two teams had regrouped all that remained was one more squad and then they could carry on with their mission.

“You have to tell me how you pulled off that little trick with the tree angrals.” Said Sam as he gripped his comrade’s hand in welcome.

“What are you talking about?” asked Angrals with a questioning look on his face.

Both men stared at each other in bewilderment and few second later a pebble hit the back of Angrals head that had him twirling his blaster to the source of where the pebble came from. Soon all weapons were pointed at a small hill that was merely six feet high and less than 5 feet away from where they were standing knelt over them was a Jedi with a giant grin on his face, with the Jedi stood two more Jedi and two more troopers.

            “Looks like I got you both” said the Jedi as he jumped down into the center of the group.   

“NO FAIR ZOTZ” the two troopers said

“You two slipped so why isn’t it fair?” asked Zotz

When both of the troopers were about to argue the comlink buzzed to life.

“Zotz do you read?” asked a voice on the com

“Go ahead Kulak.” Zotz said while turning his back on the troopers.

“We have reason to believe that whatever the empire is up to is big. Too big for earlier reports. What do you want to do? Said Kulak with a hint of concern in his voice.

“How far out are our reinforcements?” Zotz asked giving a few hand gestures to the troopers and they proceeded to the site. “The pillar of Hope is in route from Coruscant and should be about three hours.”

“Dam we don’t have that long from the way this ground is shaking they are very close to whatever it is they are going to find; We need to move now” Zotz said as he gave angrals and Sam gestures and they went and got there men into position.

“Understood Zotz, one more thing… We are getting partial encrypted sith messages about the arrival of a sith lord on approach from the planet’s atmosphere.”

“Well things are just getting better and better” Zotz pauses for a moment “alright im sure we can handle it we proceed as planned but make sure you are ready to get us out of here if things go bad.”

“Understood Zotz, good luck.” Kulak said as the com went to static


            They were about a click away from the site and for some reason the vibrations seemed to have subsided. Things were now just dead quit; the only noise was the footsteps of the troopers as they got nearer and nearer. All of a sudden Zotz ordered the troopers to take cover. As they did so a patrol of sith troopers appeared out of the tree line to the north of their position. As they approached all the troopers stopped breathing just as the sith were almost right on type of them. Sam gripped his knife ready to slit the throat of the first imperial trooper that got to close. All of a sudden the siths comlink buzzed ordering all patrols gather at the dig site for the arrival of the sith lord. As quickly as they appeared the imperial troopers were gone.

            “We don’t have much time guys we need to move out.” Angrals stated as his squad started advancing forward. Half hour later they were about one hundred yard away from the target when all of a sudden the sound of blaster fire filled the night air. Everyone took cover expecting a hail of blaster bolts to rush towards them but found themselves completely surprised.  Everyone slowly stepped up to a hill that gave a good view into the dig site and what they saw shocked all of them.

      Chapter 2

            BODIES!! Piles of bodies lays scattered over the dig site. From where Zotz was standing he could just barely make out the symbols burned into each of their arms.

“Slaves” Zotz said

“There are so many of them.” Stated Sam

There was a rumbling among the men as they took in the horror of what was happening here. The sound of blaster fire erupted again and the trooper’s eyes were drawn to the left as a bunch of slaves of different species from humans to wookies were being lined up and executed at point blank range. Their screams caused angrals to shiver down to the bone.   

“We have to stop this” angrals said to Zotz

“There are way too many we will be killed before we can even reach them we need to think this through.” Zotz replied cautiously.

“What do you suggest?” Sam asked.

            Zotz was examining the facility from the time they arrived but it just hit how much of death camp this place was. The whole perimeter was surrounded by an electric fence about 10 feet high. With a clearance of about 100 feet out so if the troopers charged they would be wiped out without even a fight. As he looked inside the perimeter he saw about 50 sith troopers all together armed to the teeth. As Zotz continued to think of a plan a small smirk began to come across his face as he faced the troopers.

            The weakness of the camp was just in the fact that what it was a death camp.  It just had the minimum protection for a attack but it was more built to keep people in then out. Zotz saw our ticket in when he notice all the defense turrets were mounted facing the camp.

“Alright guys how many stealth generators do we have?” Asked Zotz.       

“Five sir” one of the troopers said as he took off his pack.

“Ok good I see about 4 main defense turrets around the perimeter, we are going to commandeer them.”

As the troopers looked at him with a shock look on their faces they realized that he was serious.  

“Sir how do we get past the fence sir? I don’t know if you have noticed but this isn’t exactly rubber.” Angrals said

“Just leave that to me” Zotz said “Once the fence is down you must get to the turrets immediately I will distract them long enough for you to get the job done. We need the fifth man with the stealth generator to detonate the main gate to the prison block we will need their help to pull this off” Zotz said as the troopers started moving into position.

Zotz looked as the troopers disappeared into the mist and he soon prepared himself for the battle that is to come. Zotz put his hands together like he was about to pray and the mist slowly started to distort his appearance and then was suddenly gone.       

         Chapter 3

                 Zotz used the mist like a blanket when he approached the clearance. When Zotz approached the fence he looked to see if any guards were near his position. When he saw it was all clear he force jumped the fence and hid behind a bundle of crates.

“Squad status angrals?” Zotz whispered into his com link.

“The five men are at the the wall awaiting for you to shutdown the fence.” Replied angrals

“Alright I will only be able to do it for a few moments so you must hurry” said Zotz.

“Understood they will be ready” angrals said as the com went silent.

            Zotz was about to go to the generator when a small dropship flew right past his head. Sirens were blazing as command staff rallied near the drop pad to welcome there most important guest.

“I was wondering when our sith lord was going to show up. Zotz thought this would be dangerous but probably the best time to shut down the defense grid without setting of the alarms.  Zotz moved carefully from cover to cover until he reached the center of the camp and the main headquarters building. Zotz saw two guards covering the main entrance and decided that was his way in. He stretched out with the force to test the mind of the two guards at the door.

“As I expected, no discipline just pure emotion, very easy to read and exploit.” Zotz muttered to himself.

Zotz subtly reached into the two guards minds and sent his command to set their lasers to stuns and turn their guns on each other. For a moment the two guards didn’t do anything but soon both slowly reached to for their guns and two simultaneous blasts soon followed by two thuds as the troopers fell to the ground. Zotz approached the entrance to the HQ and was soon inside the building.

             The corridors were a bland design of grey and low amount of light. As zotz quickly made his way to the control room he noticed that the building was a lot larger then it looked.

“Dam where is the control room?”  Zotz muttered to himself

            Zotz stopped in one of the corridors to catch his breath and realized he was looking at this the wrong way. He closed his eyes and let the force guide him. He soon began running again letting the force lead his way and in just a few minutes he was in front of the control room. The control room was a circular room with about five sith officers that were scrambling to get something done and Zotz noticed something about each of them; they all looked scared.

“Hey guys” Zotz yelled with his lightsaber in his hand.

            The men stopped dead in their tracks looked at each other and reached for their blasters. Zotz used the force and lifted three of them up and simply smashed them against a wall with a flick of his hand. The other two able to fire a few blaster bolts at Zotz but using the force he deflected them right back at one. The last one tried to hit the alarm but zotz grabbed him with the force and threw him into one of the computers. Zotz looked around trying to find the controls to the fence after a few moments he found the controls and a low hum signaled that the fence was down.

“Now time to meet up with the troopers” Zotz said as he was walking towards the door but something caught his attention. It was the arrival time of the ship that was supposed to be arriving.  Zotz saw that it would arrive in three minutes but that’s not what caught his attention. Zotz face turned white as he saw the name of the ship and for once Zotz was speechless.                         


                                 Clash of the force: The metal threat  

Clash of the Force: The Metal Threat

Chapter One: Debriefing


                Zotz looked out the window of the Jedi cruiser that was currently doing nothing. He sighed, he had been waiting for something to come through. A distress signal, a new assignment, or just something to do! His need seemed to be answered almost immediately as he thought it. Someone approached him, “Sir, there is a transmission from the Jedi temple.” Zotz approached the giant communicator in the middle of the room.

               Zotz accepted the transmission and it flared to life as a hologram of a Jedi projected on the surface . Zotz bowed and then stood waiting for orders. “Hello Zotz,” said Jacuns, “ have you been having fun?” Zotz looked up with a grin on his face, “Jacuns! How have you been doing?” Jacuns brook into a smile and then replied, “I’ve been well, but I have a mission for you.”

               Zotz smiled again, he had hoped for this. Jacuns raised his hand and a hologram replaced him showing a planet. Zotz didn’t know the planet put he could tell there was something familiar. Jacuns projected next to Zotz and said, “This our spies have seen many Sith ships come in and out of here.”

“So, our friends have been doing business there?”

Jacuns nodded, “Yes, our spies got to the surface and have found small facilities on the ground.

“Convoys have been coming out of all these to some bigger factory.”

“We haven’t been able to get anything about the factory.”

Zotz looked at the map. “Where are we landing?”

Jacuns pointed to a small isolated area that wasn’t near any imperial facilities. “Here”

“Ok lets get started”

“Rendezvous with the rest of the team at the planet’s moon.”


Chapter Two: Rendezvous Point


Their ships had all jumped out of hyperspace almost at the same time. All together there were 3 cruisers near the moon. A few ships flew into Zotz’s cruiser and after a few minutes two Jedi and three troopers walked in.

“Hello everyone,” Zotz greeted them, “Are we ready?”

“Yes”, the first Jedi replied, “Lets get started.”

Near Rendezvous point, Endor

2 hours after midnight

                 Zotz and his team moved in through the trees. He recognized the planet now. It was Endor, its inhabitants where the Ewoks. Small furry creatures that obviously didn’t live in this area. Zotz and his troops moved through the trees toward their meeting place. They came up to a cluster of rocks jagging out everywhere and formed a small cove that could fit Zotz’s team. Just in time also, he heard a group of troopers coming, they all hunched in the cove. A group of 20 Sith troopers walked by not even noticing them. Once they walked down the slope, they all got out and walked up to another group of rocks near the hill. They scanned the area waiting for the rest of the team.

                The trees seemed to hustle more and the troopers started to get nervous. “It’s just the wind and animals.” They all turned to see if anyone was coming. Suddenly, someone jumped out of the trees and landed soft-footed on the ground in front of them smiling. “Are you sure about that Zotz?” Zotz turned around is hand up holding his lightsaber, and the troopers guns pointed at the cloaked figure. Zotz lowered his lightsaber and the troopers their guns.

“Zek! I should’ve known.”

Zek waved his hand forward and six troopers moved out of the trees.

“Nice to see you too Zotz.”

“Is Pantel ready?”

Zotz nodded, “ I thought he was on another mission,”

“But, yes he is in position.”

Zek put his hands together, “Good, lets go.”

Put they stopped dead in their tracks as they heard blaster fire and all got against the rocks. They waited but nothing happened. So, they peeked over and were amazed.


Chapter Three: The Discovery


“This is not good,” Zek whispered to Zotz.

“You think, this is really bad!” replied Zotz. They looked over the rocks and saw the giant fenced field bearing their nightmare. “Droids!,” “It is filled with droids!”

Zotz nor Zek could belief it. There on the field were thousands of droids that seemed to be practicing. The droids looked similar to humans, just a little bigger. They closed up when shut down into crates which looked like supply crates. “This is bad, these droids look like supply crates.”

Zotz nodded, “It makes sense, they send them into the field and in to our forts.” “Once in, they are activated and take us out from the inside.”

Zek understood, “It then will infiltrate everywhere in the republic.”

“Not if we stop it here and now,” someone from behind them replied.

They all turned and were amazed to see who it was.

“JACUNS!?” Everyone replied in unison.

Jacuns smiled, “Hello guys, so what are you two up too?”

But Zotz and Zek were still shocked, “How did you get here?” Zotz said.

“Well… After I gave you the mission, I decided to come and help.”

“I knew it would take awhile so I went straight after I gave you the mission.”

“Well,” Zek said. “Good thing you’re here, we need the help.”

They looked at the droids, they were equipped with dual high-powered blasters on each arm. Out of the right shoulder rose a rectangular box holding eight rockets. On the other shoulder ejected a laser cutter to get through objects like walls. The droids even were equipped with a self-detonation bomb inside the droids.

Zek looked around the field, “They can be controlled manually too.” Pointing to a small area where there was holoprojectors and a group of troopers controlling some droids. “Hmmmm… that could be useful.”

Jacuns grouped everyone together. “Ok, here’s the plan”

“Pantel is closer to the control booth so tell him to take that booth and wait for orders.”

“We will take out those Sith and troopers, then take out some of those droids.”

“Wait sir,” a trooper piped up. “Why don’t we use them all?”

Jacuns shook his head, “Too many, besides we don’t need a lot to blow up this place and the factory.”

             Everyone understood what he had in plan. They got ready and slid down the hill to a better spot. Zotz walked away a few feet and started to talk to Pantel on the comlink. Jacuns and Zek both smiled as they heard shooting from Pantel, he obviously didn’t like the plan. But, they all went along with it.

“Ok everyone,” Jacuns said. “ Let’s get ready to move.”


Chapter Four: The Ambush


Everyone waited for the three signals from Pantel. First, a explosion from a grenade went off to blow the side gate, the first sign. Then, the shouting and shooting as they charged the small gate. Finally, there was a beep on Zek’s comlink, that was the third signal.

“Move now boys!”

               They all charged out towards the gate. Pantel in the booth found a switch and opened the front gate. It was just in time too, Jacuns, Zek, and Zotz stormed through the gate right then charging a group of troopers. Zek and Zotz turned towards a group of Sith heading towards the booth. While Jacuns and some troops attacked the group of Imperial troopers. Jacuns saw Jetpack troopers and troopers equipped with electrical rods. Zotz and Zek charged into the group of Sith without being noticed. They were focused with the booth and the two Jedi were able to take out 20 Sith before being noticed. But there were still at least 30 Sith around them. Luckily, some of the troopers got on the turret and started shooting the turrets at the Sith. They took out 10, but there were 20 left. 10 more Sith fell to the ground as Pantel’s men shot them from behind.

              Jacuns had it a little more easier. The Imperials stood back firing at Jacuns as Jacuns men took cover and started firing at the Imperials. Jacuns deflected laser blasts and then would attack the Lightning troopers. He took out one of the Lightning troopers quickly and his men took most of the Imperials out easily. Jacuns thrashed at the last Lightning troopers and then jumped up in the air. Over the trooper’s head Jacuns put out his hand and the trooper got pushed to the ground by the force. Jacuns landed a few feet away smiling, the troopers finished him off. He heard a creaking and turned to a small compound and saw a giant droid inside.

              Pantel came out from behind and started to take out Sith from the back. The three Jedi finished the Sith off. They turned around and saw 25 more Sith come out of a small building. Zek turned and looked at the booth. “Get some droids running and take out those Sith!” He shouted to one of the soldiers. In a few seconds ten droids rose and started to approach the Sith. They activated their dual blasters and started firing. Grenades, rockets, and laser bolts were fired at the Sith. After a few minutes all the Sith were gone.

              Jacuns backed up ready for the attack. But suddenly, the 10 foot tall droid was hit by rapid fire of laser bolts by one of the droids. It pushed it into the small room and then self-destructed. The whole building blew up. Jacuns smiled. “One down.” Jacuns turned around and looked at Zek, Zotz, and Pantel. “Well, it’s time to blow up a factory.”

           They went into the booth and started to tell the droids to move around the area. They planted themselves in the factory and around the different buildings. When all droids were ready, they set a count down and ran for the gate. In the back, a Sith grabbed the data files for the droids and ran out a back way. Zek spotted him but knew if he didn’t move he would be blown up. They all got out of the field and ran up the hill. When they were far away in an open field, they heard the explosion first before they saw it. It blew up in a giant fireball, a chain reaction of explosion one after another. Zek looked around the area using binoculars and scanned the back of the factory. He spotted a small Ship fly away, Zek looked up. It wasn’t over yet, the threat was still alive.

           It wasn’t long before reinforcements came in. Three ships not including the ships they came in showed up and landed on the field. General Rex came out first, “Good work guys,” he said smiling. “You left some for us and didn’t blow up the planet.” Instantly, thousands of troopers came out of the cruisers, heavy armor convoys spread out going towards Sith bases.


Chapter Five: The Bigger Picture


Everyone was in the communications room talking to the Jedi council. “So,” the first Jedi started. “We have finished it?”

“Well Rex is finishing the bases here.” Zotz said.

“That’s almost done.” Rex answered.

“Ok,” said Angrals. “So the mission was a success.”

“Yes.” Jacuns said.

“Then it is done for good.” Angrals stated.

“Not quite,” Zek interjected. “I saw a Sith get away with the data for the droids.”

“So… they still have the information.”

Zotz thought for a few minutes. “ This is something bigger, this was just part of a bigger plan.”

“The Sith are up to something, and we have to stop it now.”

            Everyone agreed, they knew this was important and Jedi had to be ready. “Ok, lets prepare.” The transmission ended, Zotz, Zek, Jacuns, Rex, and Pantel all went up to the deck. Jacuns looked at the admiral. “Admiral, take us to Coruscant immediately.”

“Yes sir” the Admiral replied and turned to the crew.

Then the group of ships jumped to hyperspace. Ready to go and fight this new threat.


Authors note: This isn't very neat, so I'm going to put it on a webpage when I get a chance.


The Assassin War           by: Rchezem23

When the war started,well we didnt know it was coming.Until it was too late. Rchezem get off ur lazy ass and do some work and stop that", said Hitman.Those ak-47 and darkjedi are murder's. Thats why you have to be prepaired for the war. I know the misson fleet is not to SBE's stardards but i need you to be on your toes remember dantooine? Ufortunetly, i do. Its the battle that started the war.Dantooine was a remote planet much like deghobah but it was populated by new republic citizens and family memebers. thats the only reason SBE got into the war in first place to bring this bloodshead to their people to their blood. And repay hem for what they did to my wife. I went home to my wife on that day well the whole city was distroyed. And i never found my wife but the charts listed her died and my son as well. It was his birthday that day.I was on my way to get his present in another city. thats why i joined the alliance to distroy the assasins to distroy the empire. I never knew that at the end of the war they would become so desprate. They even kill their own prisoners for sport and games.It was very sickening even though these stories actuaily came from pow's of assasin prisons. Back on the bridge, hitman was getting ameru and Darkwolf ready on the navogation systems and radar."HItman what the fuck are we doing here we are in the middle of nowhere" Said Rchezem."Now Rchezem i know your testy but please control yourself we need to think about that planet that WPU metioned to us before they went missing"said hitman."and how im the last surviveing memeber of wpu left, I already told you i dont know what it is or where its just one minute they were there and the next is was floating in space"said Rch.Hitman walks over to rch and puts his mand on his shoulder,"i know but if u can please try to remember where"said hitman."i said i dont know and wandering around in space wont help us at all"said Rch. suddenly the entire ship shook and Hitman yelled"damage report".A voice came on the speaker"were fine it just hit our sheilds and bounced off"."what hit us then" yelled Hitman. suddenly as almost for an instant 5 distroyer class ak-47 ships jumped out of hyperspace. Hitman yelled"battlestations red alert" the woman that replied hitman was Admeral mystery, who joined SBE five years ago and she has won considerable perstedige since then. Then a womans voice came on the comm channel and said "need a hand" Hitman replied"wouldnt say no to any help". suddenly 15 SBE ships came out of hyperspace around the ak-47 ships. The battle ended with 3 of the distroyers dead and 1 badly wounded. when we borded the other ship we found something we didnt expect, there was a captured jedi abord the ship and his name was kane. On the captured distroyer kane told us everything they did to him."Are you alright kane?" Hitman asked."im fien but ill be better once i get outa this place" kane replied.They walked neer the doorlock where mystery was waiting for them."Good afternoon sir," said Mystery."Afternoon"replied Hitman. they walked back on the flagship and went into the confreince room. after i had gotten the prisoners taken care of and tended to the distroyers i joined hitman in the room.I walked in the room when mystery and Hitman were just about done."so whats up" Rch said as he walked into the room."Oh were just deciding on which planet those ships came from"Hitman said.Mystery contenuied on"ok so is it cato nimodia or byiss because they are main Empire stations and reserch facilitys"said mystery.'ok but how about kamino?'said Rch in the backround.Hitman looked at Rch stupidfied and him and Mystery exchanged glances"kamino?". "Wait kamino was the main site for clone trooper production during the war."Mystery said."Well yes but that thing is probably under major security like at least 20 star destroyers or more not to mention all of the super star destroyers and capital ships "Hitman replied, ?Look it?s not like we have any other options" said Rch. Kane walks into the room, and Mystery takes a quick flirty glance at Kane but puts her nose back in the report papers. ?well I?m no expert but I do believe Rchezem is right it does seem the most logical and the most do able location" Kane said. ?well for one reason where are we going to get the money and ships for a strike big enough for that" Hitman replied," I don?t know but until then we are at risk the alliance is at risk from this mystery weapon or planet" Said Rchezem. Hitman takes a long glance at Rch and then sits down to think. ?Look I know we need this to find WPU but it?s just impossible right now" Hitman said frustratedly.Then Kane interrupts "Um, you do know it wasn?t just me that was captured, It was an entire legion of Jedi we have to rescue them"." I am not giving the order to do this yet" Hitman smiles at Rch and Kane," I still haven?t cleared it with mon mothma yet. And you can what until I do". In the engine room, Rchezem is overlooking the damage. ?Well I don?t see anything major but we could put them back online "Rch yelled at the damage crew."Look sir, if you want this done leave us to it". Rch stared at them for a minute and then headed up to the bridge. When he got to the bridge he got a shock of surprise to see it empty, Except Kane and Mystery kissing. ?What in the hell is going on here?. Kane looked surprised and jumped up and said"Um nothing we were just talking", Mystery replied " Um yes we are still trying to uncover the planet". "oh really, then what have u come up with" Rch replied, "well we still dont know yet but we think we mgiht have to visit our friends the mando" Mystery replied. A trooper on duty walks into the room,"Is everything ok sir"."Yes privet now go back to your watch"."Yes, sir master jedi,hey anrt you that new jedi um what was it koon, plain"."Its kane dont forget it" Kane put his hand and Mystery and said."And will you forget it"."No i wont ever".She leaned over and kissed him on the cheeck and left the room."Attachments are forbidden young one,Although in my day i had alot of young wemon like that".'Yes Master,but i love her".Rch stared at Kane in disbeleaf."You are a jedi,and we are forbidden from love,Its very painful but we are keepers of the peace" Rch said."I love her master"."Well sever it,Because we can never love without.........." Rch stopped talking."She is dead and he is too,And there was nothing i could do.NOTHING" Rch started to cry."i couldnt do anything,THOSE BASTARDS WILL PAY" Rch exploded with anger pushing Kane to a wall."Rch they are gone but u have them with you still.Just look inside yourself".This must have gotten to Rch because he cooled down."See young one,how the dangers of the darkside loom in the emotions of our spirits.We are suseptable to the darkside anywhere but when it hurts us the most we have to let go our attachments"."i finnaly understand Master","look i loved to much and lost alot i learned my lesson the hard way"."Do you wish you could of saved her and him"."I dont know,but i do know now that i couldnt have saved them".Hitman walked into the bridge."i heard you two were awake,but i guess your tired from all that messing around in my ship".Rch just walked up to Hitman and said,"i couldnt save them Hitman".Rch walked out of the room with leaving Hitman with a big question mark on his face. The next day or so it says shipboard time, "The planet mandolore 500 years and more of wars this place is awful i want got outa here as fast as possable Rchezem"said Hitman witha distasteful look.Suddenly a faimilair voice came on the comm channel,"You are invading mando space if u do not withdraw you will be exterminated" Rchezem listend for a minute and then said, "hey cody how is your life going".The comm crackeld"Rchezem that you dammit u basterd why havent you come and visited me and the wife"said the voice."Guess, I just never had the time with the war and all"said rch."damn well how is WPU doing" said cody. Rchezem stood there for a minute and thought about everyone that was lost and said"They went missing" replied Rch,"Oh how very displeasing, well come on in" said cody in a very sad voice.Then the comm voice come back on"ok u are clear to land whenever you ready"said the enginer.Hitman said "alright take us down amaru","yes sir Hitman" said Amaru. As we started our descent into mando's atmosphere,We noticed the strange looking plants and big base's of mando elites."i dont like this, they could be setting a trap for us"said Hitman."Hitman can u stop ur whining for one minute i know cody he never would ina million years set a trap for us i know him to well, and besides did u see the ships above i think he intentions are peaceful"said Rch."peaceful those ships were as big as ours"said Hitman, "Those arnt his big ones Hitman trust me, Ive seen mando ships a they are way bigger than those"Rch said,Hitman looked at Rch very nervously,"trust me and we will get through this"said Rch as he gave Hitman a reassuring look.Hitman just nodded in response.As they walked into the dining hall cody appered in his armour and said"you old bastard you how ya been"."well just fine, and it looks like u've been doing well youself" Rch replied as they shook hands and than sat down at the table." Ah and who is this i see a freind of yours' said Cody,"Well you could say that he is helping me find WPU the ones that were lost anyway"Rch replied, Somthing must have striken a nerve in him because he said"And do you know anything about it yet" Cody asked,"Nope nothing yet"Rch answerd."ok, then what can i do ya for"Cody replied."well we could use some fuel and some help with looking for them since your the second biggest empire in the galaxy"Hitman said,"Well i can help with the finding but my planets are low on supplys sorry" Cody replied, "Well we need your ventors anyway so can you help us with finding WPU cody"Rch asked,Cody stood up and walked around the room thinking and then said "ok ill accompany you, courtney will be fine here remember that time we got stuck cato nemoidia?'said Cody."yeah i remember i had to kill those droids for you, and trust me punching them hurt as it does much as it did back then, but anyway glad u can help"Rch replied."yup glad i could too"Cody said as he had second thoughts about helping SBE. When cody and the gang got going to the bridge of hs ventor Hitman couldnt keep his mouth closed to the size of the ship let alone how many mandoloran elites travel with him."so why do all those guys travel with you everywhere cody*asked Hitman,"dont you know anything about mandoloran culture hitman"said Rch,"um, actuialy no i dont not much really"said hitman as he exaimined the mando elite armour"look, cody is the mandolore is the highest mandoloran in the army and leader of the clans and the clans are the main mandoloran military trained to be cold hearted and very good in situations that the mandoloran is outmatched and outgunned, the point is if u find a mandoloran at a cantina and talk to him chances are your going to die" Rch replied."jessus u shure know alot about them"said Hitman,"i should know i lived on this planet for awhile"replied Rch. They finnaly reached the bridge and amaru was getting into a fit with one of the mandoloran engineers,"god dammit why cant you speak glactic basic like the other mandolorain on this freaking ship and move that thing over there for god sakes"Amaru yelled,just then two mandolorain elite troopers moved so fast that amaru didnt know what hit him,"god dammit get off me im an SBE" amaru had bearly enough breath to speak.Rchezem went up to the mandolorain elite with amaru ina head lock and took of his helmit and punched the mando elite into the wall, the other one quickly backed away from Rch and amaru."nice proformance and it seems u knocked my elite out with one hit this time"Cody said, "well if dont get somthing right the first time try it again right" Rch replied,Hitman stood with his mouth wide open as he has just rememberd that Rch is a jedi master. "so hitman what does your fleet comprise of"Cody said."Well it can handle anything we can take but my main ship is a mon calimari crusier"replied Hitman,"well lets hope we dont run into anything"Cody said. When a small explosion reptured the flagship.Cody looked to the side of the ship"dam were under attack"Cody mutterd,"by who exactly, to the point why would he attack mandolorains"hitman yelled." It looks like assasins and very well equiped assasins they got a mon calimari crusier and five nebulons"cody replied,"well they sure arnt the brightest assasins are they"Hitman said.Then a bording ship attatched itself to the bridge.Cody orderd a mando elite to dispose of the stormtrooper's, while Rch fought the dark jedi with Cody."look out Hitman"Rch said as a dark jedi almost killed Hitman, but hitman grabed the sith's lightsaber and shot him with his blaster pistol."They dont seem so tough do they'HItman replied as he saw one of the mando trooper's die.then a mandolorain general walked in the room and said "dammit did i miss it again".A lone stormtrooper was left alive and Cody let Dk have him."cool, ok bitch time to die"Dk said as he pulled out his lightsaber and choped off the stormtroopers head."one less to worry about" Rch said,"yes, but there are many more"Cody replied As the battle raged on, Sbe had lost the nebulon they brought plus two crovetts."Dammit i won that ina bet this better be good Rch"said Hitman,The ventor was getting filled with imperail troops and sith assasins."we cant stay on this thing cody where being overrun"Rch yelled as he killed another stormtrooper"i know that my men are being killed dont you think i want to get off here to"Cody said.they made there way to the escape pod's,"dammit there is only one left and these things only seat ten ppl we got 17"Dk yelled in despair."Dont worry the infantryment will stay behing ive cleared it with them and made them heros of saving heros"Hitman said,Rch looked at the men and said "you are very brave and if i ever see you again you will be out of the war on leave".They got into the escape pod and jetisend it just as the ship blew up,Hitman yelled "jessus christ" when it blew.They headed for the closest ship and it was the mon calmiamri now slightly damaged was firing on the Imperal nebulons which only two survived out of the five and the Imperal mon cal had been badly damaged by the Mando Accumulators and ventors,But oddly its still able to fight just who are these guys. Inside the mon calimari crusier on The empire's side, a drastic explosion blow the ship in half just as five Star distroyers warped in from lightspeed."Shit, thats it we are done"Dk said as he saw them approch,then as if out of nowhere a mandolorain capital ship warped out of lightspeed right next to the Star distroyers,they seemed to be ina hurry to leave cause three of them were distroyed before they warped out.The enemy escape pods were quickly rounded up and in a tractor beam to a minor hanger, as the escape pod from the ventor was pulled into the enourmas ships hanger."its about fucking time they showed up eh, Rch"Cody said with a big grin on his face,"yeah its about time"Rch said. Hitman with his mouth wide open said'we are actuaily going into that planet sized crusier cody?", he turned to hitman and said "yes we are ou will be surprised the number of ships this thing can carry".Hitman grinned and looked out the window again. When they got abourd the ship it was like nothing the Sbe's had ever seen, rows of mando elites and troopers all standing at attention."Man, why is it every time with these guys they didnt expect me to come back"cody said with a distastful grin on his face.The gang made there way to the bridge to find Admeral frost,"well cody why do you keep a girl waiting, and who is that u got there"she said as she tryed to make out Rch's figure."Oh, my god is that you Rch","The one and only where is jawa" he said with a big grin and then lowerd the grin when frost's expretion faded.'He was with wpu when they were lost" she said with a crying look,Rch rapped his arms around frost as she began to cry,"its ok everyone misses him" Rch said."i know but he was my brother, but more importantly what are you doing here?"she said with a half cryed and confused look."i was jetisoned by an escape pod and was lost until Hitman over here found me im one lucky bastard" Rch said."then what are you doing here" she said now even more confused,"where here to find jawa and WPU we still dont know what happend to them but we have a start" Rch said profitantly.This must have triggerd a emotional state in frost because she started to cry again."there, there frost everthing is ok" Rch said as he was drenched in tears. Cody had shown the sbe to there quarters and Rch got the master bedroom,"The sheer size of this ship is amazing but never knew how mando mandolorains where in the galixy and how well they are all trained"Hitman said to mystery and kane.The sbe's took a look around the ship,"god i feal like im taking a marathon around a world or somthing god i dont feal right"Said hitman as he was clearly dehidrated and looking pale."Here take this" said kane as he gave hitman his canteen.Hitman took a gulp and handed back,"Are our ships abourd mystery","well yes and no"mystery said with a dissapointed look"well you see how our mon cal had taken damage,well it was scuddled and we only have four victory star distroyers left and a couple corrilain corvetts plus those corrilain gunships so, i dont know what we can handle".suddenly a voice broke in,"wont need your help we have at least 29 ventors attached to this ship"Dk said as he walked out of the shadows."oh really well i hate to remind u that we have Rch with us"Hitman said as he smirked at Dk"And he is a least worth 100 of your mandolorain elites" hitman also asked "do you know him"Hitman asked"well i wouldnt doubt that" Dk gave Hitman a big smile and said"i knew him ever since we were kids on dantooine but he was selected for jedi training and left i was the son of a mandolorain so i trained and went into the mandolorain army but i never knew i would succed this much,And my father even told me on his deathbed that he was pround of me,Huh? the first time in my life i was happy me and Rch lived next to each other when he returned and we both got wifes and settled down but when those sith and assasins came i dont want to contenuie this topic". They made their way down the hallway into the mess hall."so are we going to eat with these guys" Hitman said as he was disgusted by a mandoloran trooper eating.'no were not they can eat their slum we will have the civilized dinner" Dk said,They went into the next room where a long table was placed candles and very sofistacated silverware."whats all this" Rch asked,"um i thought u would be impressed with my empires wealth; however i do understand why i am siting here alone, your all mistfied please sit down".Cody said as they walked in the room and were shellshocked. they sat down and waited to be served. A few minutes later the waiters brought in a mandoloran delicasy,"Um cody what the hell am i looking at?" Asked Hitman."well Hitty its a rare delicasy stuffed crust pizza worms" replied Cody,"oh i was just wondering" Hitman said as he took a bite of one of the worms. As they finished eating a purple light came into the mess hall and half of the sfs dissapered."Ahhhhhhh what the fuck just happend"Rch said as he was almost sucked into space,The sheild that keeps spaces gravity came on and then cody started talking into his communicator"God dammit what the fuck is going on around here what is this kill cody day frost"Cody was clearly pissed about the condition of his ship,"I have no idea but half the ship is missing" Frost said with terror in her voice.'well evacuate the remaining crew to the ventors we need to get out of here" Cody orderd frost,"Sir" She replied."ok cody what kind of operation are u running here" Hitman said as was clearly very scared,"i know i should have told you, my life is in danger people have been making attemps on my life and whoever did this is going to pay." They made their way to the docking bay on the left half of the ship along with some mandolorans that didnt die in the explosoin or aftershock."whats that?"Hitman asked as he heard metal clanking,"I dont know you two go on ahead"Cody orderd his men forward and they were shot to hell with a blaze of blaster fire."The hell was that, i thought mandolorans were alot more tougher than that i mean didnt u train those two urself cody" Rch smerked,Cody's face turned into a dissapointed look" Yes, but they were the failed students" Cody replied. Then three IG-88 assasin droids walked out for the hallway that was under fire,"wait look at those markings" Rch pointed to the droids marking and dk rememberd them,"hey they belong to WPU"Dk said,"yes, but they've been tamperd with" Dk said this as the first of the three shot dk in the leg"cocksucker urg" said dk as he gripped his leg in pain.Cody sprang up with his lightsabers and sliced the droids in half, After that Cody's men took out a medi-pack to heal Dk. Dk awoke a few hours later."what happend"He said in a dreamy voice.He tryed to sit up but felt the pain in his leg "Dont strain yourself you were shot by one of those droids" Cody said in a releaved voice."yeah i remember where is Rch at"asked Dk,"I dont know why''Cody replied ,"Nothing"said Dk "hey cody you know those attempts on your life" Dk said in suspsouis tone."yes why?" Cody asked."oh well they didnt work" Dk said as he stood up and five darkjedi walked into the intersection of the hallway."so it was you,well i didnt expect much but five sith against a mandolo're your insaine"Cody boasted.Then Cody heard lgihtsabers drawing,Then he realized he was surounded by sith."well i seem to be surrouned,or so you think" Cody grinned as three mandoloran elites and Rch came out of a raftors and mandoloran troopers filled the halls."I knew that you betrayed us Dk thats why i set a trap" Said Rch,"Rch you dont know what is going on stay out of this, Cody is too dangerous" Dk pleaded.Then a Sith master came through the sith."If the jedi doesnt want to join us then he will die along with his freinds","SO BE IT" he said as he force choked cody and the mandoloran elites"NO!!!"Rch screamed and used force lightning on him and then the two exchanged Force lightning."YOU WILL NOT WIN"Rch yelled."oh i will not just win i will kill all of you" The sith master said.Cody ran up and tryed to hit the master with his lightsabers but the sith master grabbed them and pushed cody into a wall the blow knocked cody out."NOOO CODY" said rch as he filled with anger."YOU WILL PAY!",he lunged forword and stuck his lightsabers into the sith master so quick the darkjedi couldnt even see him, then Rch used force lightning and electrified him.The sith master fell on the metal ground dead.he turned to the darkjedi and said "your next". Cody awoke seeing Rch stick his lightsaber into a sith as he force chocked another,Then he saw Dk walking over to cody."piss off"Cody said as Dk stuck his saber into cody.Then when Dk thought he had killed Cody,cody pulled out his lightsaber and chopped off Dk's head.The mandoloran elites took care of the two sith accompying him and carried cody to a medic where Hitman was defending the wounded."Get them out of here"He yelled and was then shot in the back.He yelled,"Ahhhhhhhh,u basterd" he shot the stormtrooper in the chest and the stormtrooper fell.Rch appered in the hallway and told Hitman,'Go on ill handle them get to the ventor".Hitman nodded and told the troopers and medic to run to the ventor.Frosts voice came on Rch's comm"Rch what are you doing get to the ventor" ,"no not yet" Rch came to where all the imperals assasins and darkjedi were and blew a wurlwind of force push and knocked the crowd together and then used force lightning and burnt all of them."alright frost i will be at the ventor ina minute","good we cant hold them for much longer once they get into the docking bay im detaching"."And cody how is he" Rch asked,"He is hurt really bad but the medical droid said he is going to live'',"good" Rch said as he want toward the docking bay. When Rch came to the docking bay he saw another sith master putting his lightsaber into a mandoloran elite."*gasp* A Jedi kill it my students" the sith master yelled as 8 darkjedi entered the room." No turn away from the darkness forever your master is only using you TURN AWAY" Rch yelled as he deflected attacks from the students."He is only trying to get you to lower your gaurd KILL HIM",The students didnt really know who to listen too,Then the sith master said" You worthless fine ill kill him myself" he drew his lightsaber and charged at Rch.Rch, knowing better just drew his lightsaber and killed the sith master with one jab the face and putting his lightsaber through the master and then his body dropping to the floor."The dark side makes you lose focus,this could have been you, come to a better place were you are not prosocuted for failure" Rch said as he withdrew his saber,The students seeming much convinced by Rch's words followed him onto the ventor and they set off."exacuting withdawl 44531" Frost said over her communicator."ok since none of us here trust you i ask you give me your lightsabers and report to Kane he will be your master from now or until the council decides where to send you" after Rch said this to the students they gave their lightsabers to some mandoloran troopers and left to where kane was being examined.Rch went to where cody was being taken care of.Rch walked in the room and cody seemmed to be counsouis."Hey did everyone make it" Cody asked, "Of my knowladge i think so" Rch replied,'Hey i also heard that you picked up some Sith students" Frost said as she entered the room,"yes i could not let them be consumed by the darkside i couldnt allow them to hurt anyone or go even darker,so i convinced them the darkside is evil and currupted" Rch finished."Good heart felled speach but it doesnt mean shit there are still more 100's of them out there" Cody said so bitterly.Frost shot him a cold look,"well i think its a good thing that you did Rch but im sorry it came to the expinse of Dk but he always was a gun for hire" Frost looked as though she was very sad,"its ok we will find him but later i have to look after Sbe for now" Rch said has he put him arm around frost to calm her."No its not him" She drew her pistol and shot at a mandoloran elite."No cody im not doing it".Cody stood up and said,"Fine ill do it myself","How can you stand up" Rch said as thay both reached for thier lightsabers."You see Rch you know too much and i have to kill you" He drew his lightsaber and charged at Rch who quickly force pushed him into the wall."Ahhh, you will pay for that" Cody said as he hit the wall."Your fighting a jedi master just remember".Cody took of his helmit,"Its hot under there,i will kill you and your freinds".He turned his head and signaled his men to bring Rch"s freinds into the room.Rch charged at cody and put his lightsaber in front of codys neck."Do it and ill kill him,Drop your weapons" He told the mandoloran troopers.They dropped thier weapons,"Grab them were getting out of here but first kill the mandolorans and cody why do i have to die"Rch said as the Sbe memebers and jedi killed the mandolorans."you know to much, and weve already gotten rid of WPU now but go ahead and chase after them i dont care hey, ill even let you go" Cody said."He has no trace of doubt your telling the truth" Kane said."i sense it too" Rch replied.Then the ship rocked and Hitman entered the room,"we have to get outa here i orderd the ships to fire on this ventor"."well then we need to find some ships and get out of here" said Mystery who was quite quiet all of the sudden." let me go Rch i said im letting you live" Rch releases cody and throws him on the floor."fine but i doubt that you"ll have the time to get out of here" "This place goes on forever but i think there is a Sbe corvett still alive,Ill have it dock with the airlock".Kane felt somthing on the back of his neck but he dissmissed it as the dark side students."master Hitman are you still alive,report this is corvett Bestine searching for Sbe surviors".Hitman turned on his comm,"Corvett bestine this is hitman autherazation codes 121392 correlia byass",the ship waited to check the codes and finnaly came back."code checks out good to have you back leader,we will pick you up at the level 5 airlock".the transmissioned ended and they came to level five."somthings wrong" Rch said as he heard the movement of footsteps."i sense it too Rch were surrounded" kane looked at the hallway they just came from and cody emerged from it."you've got some nerve coming onto my ship and making me look like a fool" Cody emrged from the shadows along with 10 mandoloran troopers.Hitman drew his pistols and the jedi pulled out their lightsabers."you've got some nerve to challange me again cody,considering how our last engagment went" Rch smirked."Heh, i wasnt ready that time but now im more than ready" Cody pulled out his two lightsabers."i thought you were going easy on me but now that were this close im not giving up and i will never let you win",Rch came behind cody with an increadable speed that cody blinked."Hmmm.......I knew you were fast but i didnt know you were stupid".Cody threw rch off with impressive physical streagnth.Cody punched Rch when he stood up and Rch coughed up blood."Not so smart now are you" Cody said as he punched Rch to the ground again."im only a distraction" The Jedi students used force push and knocked cody through fifteen walls"."Holy shit they knocked the boss out clean lets let them go" one of the troopers said.Then they heard a faint bumping noise in the vents and out poped out a half dead mandoloran elite with an lightsaber."Die You republic scum" he lunged at Mystery and stuck the lightsaber in her abdomen."i.....i feal....very cold" She dropped to the floor."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" kane chopped off the elites head."Thats one less to worry about" Hitman thought to himself.Kane dropped to his knees in front of Mystery,"this is my fauilt i should of protected you i can never forgive myself'.she held up her hand to his face."it isnt your fauilt i was in the wrong place and i love you" she dropped her hand and was devoid of life.Kane began to cry but held it in and scooped up Mystery in his arms."You do not miss those who turn into the force you rejoice you see attachments lead to the darkside" Rch quoted."That doesnt make me feal any better but it releaves some pain"."Alright weve docked and are ready to board for survivors" the crewman said."We have respected dead coming aboard crewman make some couphins"."Aye" He said. They walked abord the ship without uttering a word."Master" one of the students said."Yes young one what is it" Rch answered."what was your sons name"."It was Jim, My child"."Well u lived on dantooine right,i did too with my mother and father.Until the day that they came".Rch stared at the student,"i can sense the force is strong in you but there is still something keeping you from facing what you are"."And yet there is somthing else odd about you young one,You seem to have the same likeness to myself as i was to ur age your skillful,wise and very honest".Yes i sense it too" Kane sad as he was getting some of the wounded onto the ship."But going back to it,Hitman is there any freindly ports nearby".Hitman got a map out and started looking at it."Um im actuialy not sure,The only clan i know we can trust is the WPU ports but they have been abandond"."well its not like we have many other options" Rch said with disgust in his tone.They looked at mysterys couphin and then looked at kane to see how he was doing."Are you going to be alright",Kane walked up to Rch and put his hand on Rch's shoulder."i learned this lesson the hard way Master,But i feel strong and i want to help anyway i can"."Good we need jedi their so good to have around"Hitman mutterd under his breath."Is there any support in the area Hitman"."Um, no there isnt what we have got now.A couple corvetts and our mon cal,I guess we could make it".Hitman turned to the crewman who were huddled together to hear what Hitman has next to say."Anyone want to back out now,i wouldnt blame you if you wanted to but speak now".Nobody raised their hand and then Rch came next to Hitman.'We are with you Hitman".Rch then smiled a little."Good leaders lead on bad leaders would quit while they were ahead"."crew set course for the WPU port were going to investigate".The crew set quardnets and launched for lightspeed. The ship came out of lightspeed just 60 miles from the station."This is Sbe corvett bestine requesting permission to land".Nothing came on the comm but the sound of lizards licking their lips."Great trandosains i hate those things''Rch said."We can go in and kill them all or try to nagotiate"."I vote for nagotiation" Hitman said.Then another voice came on the comm,"Bi tu sie wanie Jadi"."I know how to speak hutease Captain" a crewman blurted out."um sure why not go ahead and try to reason with em" Hitman walked away from the comm terminal and let the crewman work."Musha taka paka in tien if lie suie wurdist eine".The next few hours were boring but,finnaly he came back."we can land but if we mess up anything were dead' the crewman explained."I dont take orders i give em so whats stopping me from taking their base".The crewman pointed outside and Hitman saw fighters and bombers."Huh? didnt notice them until now"."Launch fighters were attacking them"Hitman orderd.The battle waged in the stars but the pirates were defeated and then SBE stared the attack on the port."Well we came this far".Hitman said,"Ill take a platoon of Troopers plus Kane" Rch orderd."Fine go with him first platoon"."yes sir" The platoon followed. The gang went down a narrow hallway.Rch stopped then signaled for the Platoon Lt. to join him up front."Were going in that command post get your men ready"."Alright" ,then he used hand signals.Rch looked at the post and there was 18 trandosains on guard.Rch then lept out and cut off a trandosains head,The other ones hissed in notifacation."COME ON" Rch yelled to the men.Then Rch heard a laugh."Come on, how many hutts are in the universe",Jabba the hutt came into view."Uh long chi shen wanna Jadi" he said."Hello jabba i thought your were dead"."un chin shi wanga me chu"."Hmm",Then Rch team walked into view weaponless."Ha your way out of your league jabba'' Rch smirked.And jabba scouled,"Uta Urg".Then Rch heard a scream and realized that their was a dead trooper on the floor and a trandosain licking his lips over the dead body.Jabba laughed,"oh oh oh oh".The next trandosain had his gun poised at kane.He just winked and Rch knew what to do."Jabba do you know what happend to WPU". a protocal droid came around from jabbas massive body." Mu chen sha muta puka muatal"."Jabba says 'why should he tell you'."Because if he doesnt ill kill him".Rch looked at kane who was getting ready to bust out of the trandosains grip."Ho ho ho ho,Mi shino uma Racka"."i wouldnt be laughing Jabba" then Rch points to the knocked out tandosains and the platoon and Kane with their weapons back.Jabba screamed in alarm"Uta Urg".Rch flung himself at the guards and killed them but, a mandoloran came out from the shadows of jabbas fat.It was another figure from my past by the name of fredric."Hello Rch long time no see"."I would say so" Rch replied.Fredric drew his gun and Rch grabed it with the force and took it in his hands."Sly old fox with those jedi tricks but ive got somthing that you cant refuse",Frost walks into the room tied up and with fredric at gunpoint.She looked up at Rch and he knew that she was in trouble."Hmm funny isnt it your best freinds sister is at gunpoint and your motionless".Then both Fredric and jabba let out a hearty laugh.Rch began to get angry and then fredric put his gun up at frosts face."So what will it be old freind her death or yours".Rch grabbed fredrc with force choke and then he shot frost.Rch stood there and then he turned to fredric who was laughing his ass off."Ill KILL YOU" Rch lunged tward fredric and stuck his lightsaber into fredric who with the last facail expression was that of terror.When Rch stood up he saw jabba must have left and the battle for the port ended.Hitman walked in the command area with some medic's.One of the medics walked over to frost and was working."Is she alive"."Yes but she cant hold on unless we get her to an aid station".The medic gave the signal to get a strecher."Its not your fault Rch","Its isnt she was just in the wrong place but i hope that the Medical professionals can do something".Rch turned to kane who got a wound in the battle."They got me can you belive it,They got me".Rch turned to Hitman and gave him a long stare until he spoke."Jabba the hut was here"."Really,Isnt he dead"."Thats what i thought too but he was here and escaped im guessing". Rch returned to the corvett and went to his chamber.Why did i not kill Fredric sooner,I could have kept frost out of this.Rch mind was sturring so much he didnt even hear Kane limp into the room."Rch?,Hello?".Kane nudged Rch who quickly turned his attention to Kane."I thought that you would like to see frost.She is awake and its surprising she is able to take a laser blaster shot and live".Rch smiled and got up,"i see those doctors patched you up pretty fast".They were outside Rch chamber and were now walking to the medbay.Frost was laying on a bed,Her body looking very much lifeless with the medical droid standing right beside her."Her body is in a state of healing but it might take awhile to get her back into cuisousness let alone being able to walk, and move her limbs around"."i see and this is all you can tell me about her" Rch asked.The medical droid was processing his data and then finnaly answerd,"Yes, until i can get her back enough alive".Rch walked over to frost and took up one of her hands."It was my fault that i didnt save you im sorry".To Rch surprise frost had her eyes open and was looking straight at him.She talked in a faint voice,"Hey,......are you here me or".She stopped and leaned foreword to Rch for a kiss."Its very good to see you unharmed let alone able to do that"."Hmph, did you forget i was wearing body armour and only recevied light damage" She located the blaster wound on her back and showed it to Rch.Rch just sat back down and stared at the floor,"Frost when i saw you get shot somthing snapped in me,I killed fredric on cold blood to avange your death".This put a chill up frosts spine as she said,"You had no idea what he did to me Rch and i love you for it but I know your a jedi and do not emplore the ways of the mandolorain"."But Rch what you did back there was the best thing you ever did for me and i cant ever let it go".Frost smiled at Rch who look strucken of worry to what might happen if the Assasins and imperals decide to attack this port."Frost","Yes Rch what is it"."The next shuttle that leaves here is going to have u aboard it and i will have no arguement out of you"."Rch I know you worry about me but im fine i can...............".Frost tryed to stand up and then laid back down because of the enormous amount of pain which had befallen her.Rch still sat in his chair and Hitman walked in the room with two guards who stood by the doorway."We were concerned about you frost but it seems Rch made his point about you so let me make mine"."Point is frost i dont trust you since your a mandolorain that is","Sounds fair Hitman but i dont really care if you trust me,Rch will fight to the end for jawas little sister".Rch put his hand down on Hitmans shoulder, Rch put pressure Hitmans shoulder and he started to scream but Rch let go because he was worried why his freinds were fighting. The next day Rch came to the bridge and stared at Amaru until he asked,"What?"."Oh nothing i was just wondering if you knew what got into Hitman"."If your talking about what became of him in the medical bay, I have no idea".Rch heard footsteps then tryed to not look over his shoulder."Rchezem a word" Hitman motioned with his finger to the confrance room. They both went into the room."Look Rch i know you trust the mandolorain woman but,Truth be told i dont"."And your opinion matters to me why,I mean frost is an old freind and if you dont trust her i dont trust you"."Try to understand Rch, She is a mandolorain and they cant be trusted not even by a jedi".Rch made tward the door and stood in the doorway."As i said,If you dont trust her, i dont trust you".Rch walked out of the room. Rch mutterd under his breath."Why does this shit always happen to me?"."Must be some damn deathwish".Rch felt a slight pain in his heart."Is this what is happening to me, Am i in love again and clouded".Rch shook his head and then went to the cargo hold to train the students he picked up."Good evening"."How can you tell that its evening there isnt a sun" one of the students blurted out."I just can, now are we ready to begin", Ten training droids came out of a crate and went beside the students, The student drew their lightsabers and started the training."Clear your mind do not do anything with hate, Hate leads to suffering and if there is suffering there isnt balance in the force". A female voice broke in," Still what that Jedi stuff some things never change"." And it never ceases to amaze me that you can talk about change when the mandolorains have been hunted to extinction"." I didn?t come in here to be abused by you i just wanted to talk but i can see you?re busy"."Not at all Frost, students hold the training for a minute i need to talk with her''. One of the students made a slight comment," looks like master has got the hoots for a mandolorain". The students laughed, and Frost shot her pistol just enough too slices off a bit of hair from the student."Frost please don?t frighten them"," Oh please if I wanted to I could kill him?. The student rose up, ?Want to prove it"."Sit student messing with a mandolorain isnt wise trust me ive had to deal with this one for the last 10 years". Frost shot Rch a look,"can we get back to talking, in private"."Sure", they both walked out of the room and into the hallway."So what is it frost i can sense something on your mind"."Look Rch, it?s just I worry for you alright ur a good freind and i know thats all you can ever be to me". Frost began to sob a little bit."You're the best freind a Jedi could have, even if you are only half mandolorain you are still a great warroir"."Your words are too kind"."Frost im not kind, too tell you the truth I love you but this is forbidden by the Jedi council they say it leads to the dark side"."I don?t want to go to the dark side frost I will do things, Things I will regret later"."But to let you know that i love you before we part, It just makes me feel better ".Rch looked down, Frost took off her helmet and gave Rch a kiss."You are right Rch it is a dark path I?m leading you on, that is why I must go"."Hmm indeed have a safe journey, oh and one other thing". Rch hugs frost and turns away, and then walks to the cargo hold."Can we continue master?"."No that it for today I?m sorry I just need some time to myself"."As you wish master" the students leave the cargo hold to their quarters. The next morning went along just as any other routines and checking on maintenance, it has been a week since the battle and the crew had grown bored. Many of them asking questions of uncertainty to what happens to the fleet next.