ROT ranking system

This is the chain of command which ROT uses.

ROT General - The ROT general is the Sole commander of ROT. What the General says goes. What the general Orders MUST be followed to the letter. The General will appoint any Rank Above ROT Captain.

ROT Colonel - A ROT Colonel watches the overall progress of ROT.  He or She also makes recommendations of what needs to be updated for the site and asissts with the Generals goals.

  • ROT Major - A ROT Major is in charge of the overall progress of ROT. ROT majors will help out The captains if needed. A ROT Major will also look upon possible ROT captains, mentor them, and recommended them to become a ROT Captain. 
  • ROT Captain  - In Charge of the overall progress in ones platoon and has shown that he or she can handle a platoon by his or her self. The ROT Captain also runs activitys in his or her platoon (like planing raids and such).
  • ROT Lieutenant  - This rank entitles the member as a ROT Captain in-Training. A ROT Lieutenant can also lead his or her platoon if recommended by a ROT Major or Colonel(Spec:This member is a ROT Platoon officer period or this member is a ROT Captain in-Training and can take over the platoon if the ROT captain is away, or has been in the guild since it was made)
  • ROT Senior(Sr) Officer - is the platoon officer (second in command of the platoon) and answers to the ROT Captain or anybody above them , this officer also has all responsibilities listed above but is also to be respected and trusted , few obtain this membership easily.(Spec:The bold and Brass of older members obtain this rank , witch also means that they are not active also or just at the highest enlisted rank for ROT.)


  • ROT Officer- is in charge of a single squad and can be recommended for a platoon officer.(Spec:Is a squad-leader and can also become a Platoon officer)

  • ROT Senior(Sr) Staff Member - Has Shown that he or She wants to better the guild by actually getting involved with the guilds major activities and is eligible for a 2ic spot in a squad. A Senior staff member can also run a squad by him or her self if recommended by a ROT officer(Spec:2ic for a squad , also applies to all ranks besides ROT general and Colonel's).n(spec:2ic for a squad , is active and is a hardworking member)


  • ROT Staff member -eligable to become a moderator on chat and forums (with recommendation from a ROT officer) a staff member can also run a squad by him or her self if the squad leader allows it for squad training  , must also be recomended by a ROT officer. A staff member can also run help run things within the platoon he or she is assinged in.

    (spec:Help run things in a squad and in the platoon, Trains to be a better leader for the absence of squad leader)


  • ROT Senior(Sr) Member - Has the Doings of the below stated. They know the ropes and how ROT works Senior members now have some responsibility now. Sr members can officially start to recruit members for ROT and can be eligable for Crafting teams.(Get into a crafting team and start working on crafting to make better gear for your squad mates and guild members, start recruiting)


  • Member - Members will have general acess to ROT and can participate in squad activities

  • ROT initiate - Initiates are pre-ROT members we dont just take in people we only take people who are willing to do their job and be all they can be (must at-least be active when the game comes out) this rank is temporary , if any member sees an initiate on he or she will be asked how many days till he or she is a complete member. This will last for only a week. 



    • ROT MAJOR'S- 





  • MEMBER's-