Rules of ROT

1. Respect everyone in the chat (24 hour ban look to rule 7)

2. No spam (1 hour ban look to rule 7)

3. No racist comments (10 hour ban

4. We allow joking but if you don't stop when needed then you will be removed ( 1 hour ban look at rule 7)

5. No drama!!!! (24 hour ban to 48 hour ban)

6. Respect higher ranked members (48 hour ban look at rule 7)

7. Please be mature ( this can range on the level from 1 hour to a permament ban)

8. You may not kick or ban without a valid reason (you will be deranked)

9. Listen to the mods and owners at all times (or you will be deranked or banned)

10. Do not recruit on our chat (or you will be permanatly banned)

11. During the game commanders will give out tasks. Those tasks must be followed. For example following up on raiding, pvp etc. (or suffer consequences)

12. If we switch from time to time on different servers, for example PVP or PVE, you must not argue with the high ranked members. (do not worry, we will try hard not to)

13. You must choose what class you want to be and what type. For example dps, healer or tank.

14. You should partipcate in forums and discussions as much as possible. Also share your ideas and contribute to the guild as a indivual member.

15. You must follow the ranking system and chain of command. You get ranked up through loyalty, how long you have been in ROT and/or your contribution to ROT. (If you do not follow the chain of command, you will get three warnings on your member page If you do not straighten up you will receive a straight kick and ban out of the guild.)

16. You must go to HQ and get yourselve assigned. Either through contacting leaders and asking to be placed in a squad or a officer or leader puts you in a platoon and squad.(You must put your squad name and platoon name after your name in the xat chat. For example Officer angrals_(Juliet squad/Angrals platoon)

17. Only these leaders have the right to unban those that are already banned. (Kulak, Zotz, Strakillias, Izerio, Sam, Kwak, Kyrox) Other will be added later, do not question these people unless they are going against the rules.




18. Be sure to check what forums have been posted on what you are going to make so we do not have duplicate topics in the forums, and make sure you do not make forums that involve drama, nor shal you make forums that are obliviously insulting to others or racist, you may not spam a random forum like for example... HEY GUYS IM SO and SO/ Barnicles im cool. Nothing imature or meaningless unless it is actualy something good such as the forum post Random Crap where it is very popular.

Also do not make something like WHO wants to be a Consular? Check in the area where such a question like that would have already been made and do not copy it please.